Wednesday Morning 9-pin
2009-2010 SEASON

President: Barb Jacobs
Secretary: Cherie Kuhn
Week No. 36 of 36  5/19/2010         League Average: 154            

  Match Total              
  Points Pinfall              
 Team StandingsWonScratchHSGHSSHHGHHSAVEHCPTeam
1Fred J. Dixson 17083/93287731308794183155
2Ineta M. Roessler 16039/99243610277719162342
3Barb Jacobs 15890/99263603299720160363
4Barbara A. Emmack 15004/81278634293679185134
5Judy F. Dixson 14953/105227551277701142526
6Thelma Murray 13676/90260576303704151441
7Cherie Kuhn 13584/87265600308729156394
8Harold Mc Creary 12796/81224571260707157381
9Ruth M. Mc Creary 12358/75250713286821164322
10Kay A. Stone 9345/66190538249688141536
11Beth Finney 7934/48226607259715165315
12Rita B. Leeper 3106/2715142123765811576 
13Marty A. Ramsey 2322/1620847126863014549 
14Carol A. Kelley 1537/12179467252686128643
15Carol A. Kavanaugh 1202/817645021358515045 
16New Sub 10      200  

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game278Barbara A. Emmack265Cherie Kuhn263Barb Jacobs259Barb Jacobs208Barbara A. Emmack
W/HCP308Cherie Kuhn303Thelma Murray299Barb Jacobs295Barb Jacobs252Carol A. Kelley
Series713Ruth M. Mc Creary634Barbara A. Emmack610Ineta M. Roessler520Barb Jacobs520Barbara A. Emmack
W/HCP821Ruth M. Mc Creary729Cherie Kuhn720Barb Jacobs686Carol A. Kelley628Barb Jacobs
Game287Fred J. Dixson224Harold Mc Creary      
W/HCP308Fred J. Dixson260Harold Mc Creary      
Series731Fred J. Dixson571Harold Mc Creary      
W/HCP794Fred J. Dixson707Harold Mc Creary      

Star Bowler for Game
Barb Jacobs99 pins over average with 259 game
Star Bowler for Series
Carol A. Kelley113 pins over average with 467 series