Wednesday Morning 9-pin
2012-2013 SEASON

President: Barb Jacobs
Secretary: Cherie Kuhn
Week No. 37 of 37  5/29/2013         League Average: 154            

  Match Total              
  Points Pinfall              
 Team StandingsWonScratchHSGHSSHHGHHSAVEHCPTeam
1Barbara A. Emmack 18996/105268701287758180184
2Ineta M. Roessler 16582/105286716327839157382
3Barb Jacobs 15550/93253621308806167293
4Cherie Kuhn 13100/87231562274691150454
5Thelma Murray 9427/69212503264681136571
6Fred J. Dixson 7798/4226462828467118513 
7Jean Lane 7731/76174441274717101893
8Judy F. Dixson 6607/53172430237646124681
9Ted W. Rigdon 2477/132376352386771909 
10Rebecca Fenn 930/9156327243597103872
11Ruth M. Mc Creary      14846 
12Dan E. Roessler      11873 
13New Sub 10      200  
14New Sub 9      200  

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game286Ineta M. Roessler268Barbara A. Emmack253Barb Jacobs233Barbara A. Emmack219Cherie Kuhn
W/HCP327Ineta M. Roessler308Barb Jacobs287Barbara A. Emmack264Cherie Kuhn251Barbara A. Emmack
Series716Ineta M. Roessler701Barbara A. Emmack621Barb Jacobs593Barbara A. Emmack519Barb Jacobs
W/HCP839Ineta M. Roessler806Barb Jacobs758Barbara A. Emmack647Barbara A. Emmack643Cherie Kuhn
Game264Fred J. Dixson237Ted W. Rigdon      
W/HCP284Fred J. Dixson238Ted W. Rigdon      
Series635Ted W. Rigdon628Fred J. Dixson      
W/HCP677Ted W. Rigdon671Fred J. Dixson      

Star Bowler for Game
Cherie Kuhn70 pins over average with 219 game
Star Bowler for Series
Cherie Kuhn61 pins over average with 508 series