2009-2010 SEASON

President: Kerry L. Saltsman
Secretary: Mary T. Saltsman
Week No. 32 of 32  6/6/2010   Sanction: 572077   League Average: 139            

  Match Total Points Total          
  Points Points Round 2 Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 16W/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Odd Balls61551019075917638178789025136
2The Underdogs21461108473609655171293025274
3Strike Force21411157476446754206593025931
5Stone Cold81271297475411679193287425322
6High Rollers 1251315875011637179888724695

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game686Wannabe's526Strikers  693Strike Force679Stone Cold
W/HCP931Pinheads890Odd Balls  874Stone Cold867The Underdogs
Series1932Stone Cold1798High Rollers  1924Stone Cold1811Strike Force
W/HCP2593Strike Force2527The Underdogs  2509Stone Cold2431Pinheads
Game193Juwana L. Hubbard158Tina R. Saltsman  195Missty D. Saltsman193Juwana L. Hubbard
W/HCP271Missty D. Saltsman244Kathy E. Darts236Melissa L. Baker250Juwana L. Hubbard249Missty D. Saltsman
Series548Mary T. Saltsman475Dana M. Lawson296Heather R. Hubbard487Juwana L. Hubbard473Dana M. Lawson
W/HCP718Megan Saltsman684Catherin M. Gourley641Teresa L. Saltsman658Juwana L. Hubbard646Kathy E. Darts
Game236Carlton E. Horne223Brad L. Abercrombie Iii212Tim Aa. Lawson240Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.215Chad A. Saltsman
W/HCP288James D. Oliver286Chad A. Saltsman274Douglas W. Hubbard, Jr.265Chad A. Saltsman258Kerry L. Saltsman Iii
Series696Jon W. Saltsman, Sr.562Dustin J. Saltsman549Kerry L. Saltsman, Sr.553Douglas W. Hubbard, Sr.535Jon W. Saltsman, Sr.
W/HCP733Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.712Douglas W. Hubbard, Sr.705Thomas D. Hubbard712Douglas W. Hubbard, Sr.683Kerry L. Saltsman Iii

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Strike Force
001Megan Saltsman9691559594146403251718
002Missty D. Saltsman961354614153217502271664
003Jon W. Saltsman, Sr.96184161918268696277732
004Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.961807918810254658270733
2 Stone Cold
005Juwana L. Hubbard961314613657193507250681
006Douglas W. Hubbard, Sr.961370914252198553251712
007Mary T. Saltsman791208915342212548254692
008Kerry L. Saltsman, Sr.961472215342199549241678
3 Strikers
010J. Saltsman, Jr.39446511477219481298718
011Heather R. Hubbard93759081107127296235620
030Douglas W. Hubbard, Jr.9695579990175398274680
037Kerry L. Saltsman Iii901025811378179446258690
4 The Underdogs
013Catherin M. Gourley9384729198147374258684
014Thomas D. Hubbard961230912864194498263705
015Nathan A. Abercrombie931280713756210503269686
016Brad L. Abercrombie Iii931452515639223561263676
5 High Rollers
017Teresa L. Saltsman93968510486153377239641
018Dana M. Lawson901290014351185475239637
019Ray A. Saltsman961240112963185459249654
020Tim Aa. Lawson931452915639212536252666
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
6 Odd Balls
021Tina R. Saltsman931041611279158404240668
022James D. Saltsman931145912369180449262695
023Kenneth E. Saltsman961329913855200489261663
024Carlton E. Horne931486515936236554279681
7 Pinheads
025Melissa L. Baker87936410783149370236628
027Jason O. Darts47686114549224525282699
028James D. Oliver931441815540234559288710
036Brad L. Abercrombie, Jr.69938313558198497247674
8 Wannabe's
029Kathy E. Darts931181512765178464244671
031Joel F. Saltsman42562513360191461254650
032Dustin J. Saltsman931474115837214562255682
038Chad A. Saltsman961393114549235558286711
009Rosemarie L. Leffew57638511279151413233656
012Jon W. Leffew57887915540213522253678
026Emily J.E. Hinkle27199573114100284223653
033New Sub 3  200     
034New Sub 4  200     
035Mathew Aa. Hubbard27304111279153399237642
039Herbie Lawson340713558139407197581
040Mike La Russa15183812270171436243652

Congress Awards
Kerry L. Saltsman Iii175 GAME (U) with 179 pins