2013-2014 SEASON

President: Kerry L. Saltsman
Secretary: Mary T. Saltsman
Week No. 32 of 32  6/22/2014         League Average: 137            

  Match Total Points Total      
  Points Points Round 2 Pinfall      
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 16ScratchHSGHSSTeam
1Strike Force2184721025979978920802
2Stone Cold8151105875466367018811
3Sizzlin Four61511057348821610167110
4The Predators 134122785284871819527
7The Four Seasons 110146403906857216384
8All I Do Is Win6102154545658976120486
9Team 3 94162364483760616853
10Team 5680176304084555915365

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game718The Predators610Sizzlin Four  660Outsiders641Stone Cold
W/HCP921Outsiders868Wannabe's848Team 5831Outsiders822Stone Cold
Series2048All I Do Is Win1881Stone Cold  1866Strike Force1838Stone Cold
W/HCP2577Strike Force2448The Four Seasons2405Team 32381Stone Cold2362Wannabe's
Game173Jennifer Abercrombie140Lindsay N. Hubbard  205Juwana L. Hubbard204Kathy E. Saltsman
W/HCP260Kathy E. Saltsman233Mary A. Staples  260Kathy E. Saltsman253Juwana L. Hubbard
Series481Missty D. Saltsman380Amber M. Saltsman  532Juwana L. Hubbard455Kathy E. Saltsman
W/HCP676Juwana L. Hubbard646Linda K. Kern  676Juwana L. Hubbard623Kathy E. Saltsman
Game266Jason S. Brewster226Kerry L. Saltsman, Sr.221Anthony W. Oliver199Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.194Chad A. Saltsman
W/HCP312Dustin J. Saltsman283Douglas W. Hubbard, Sr.277Douglas W. Hubbard, Jr.243Chad A. Saltsman239Darren M. Abercrombie
Series714Jon W. Saltsman, Sr.634Herbie D. Lawson578Carlton E. Horne545Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.535Dustin J. Saltsman
W/HCP747Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.707J. Saltsman, Jr.703Chad A. Saltsman637Chad A. Saltsman636Darren M. Abercrombie

  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
1 Stone Cold
005Juwana L. Hubbard9313193141205532
006Douglas W. Hubbard, Sr.8712075138232494
051Anthony W. Oliver7811235144221501
055Kerry L. Saltsman, Sr.8913361150226532
2 Strike Force
003Amber M. Saltsman757663102146380
004Missty D. Saltsman9312658136200481
035Jon W. Saltsman, Sr.9017719196279714
050Kerry L. Saltsman, Jr.9618167189268683
3 Team 3
011Sydney N. Darts29251486122283
012Douglas W. Hubbard, Jr.9311761126209470
026Nathan A. Abercrombie639317147206564
052Brad L. Abercrombie, Jr.334772144203493
4 The Four Seasons
018Earl Saltsman848598102145374
054Kenneth E. Saltsman739418129179475
5 Team 5
008Lindsay N. Hubbard838426101140359
009Robert W. Oliver809602120177440
044Jarron L. Carter9010406115167416
053Brandon R. Oliver515805113209455
6 All I Do Is Win
025Melissa D. Saltsman546121113154399
027J. Saltsman, Jr.8713615156236599
060Brad L. Abercrombie Iii578731153233597
062Herbie D. Lawson7512784170236634
7 The Predators
028Nancy L. Brewster485300110152389
056Daniel A. Brewster9312687136210470
058Steve A. Butterfield395911151222527
064Jason S. Brewster8015253190266686
 Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
8 Wannabe's
013Mary A. Staples9611692121170434
020Joel F. Saltsman9312619135188464
021Chad A. Saltsman8111304139202559
063Roger D. Bolton365936164220536
9 Outsiders
019Kathy E. Saltsman8110666131204458
059Jerry L. Hedrick121461121152405
061Carlton E. Horne7211594161225578
065Dustin J. Saltsman9215957173288636
10 Sizzlin Four
042Jennifer Abercrombie9611201116173420
043Linda K. Kern9612271127170472
046Delbert E. Hook9312995139199486
047Darren M. Abercrombie9411747124180477
001Brendon Baker3463154192463
002Sherry Boland6673112126373
007Mary T. Saltsman     
010Heather R. Hubbard44423596139366
014Breanna N. Saltsman159776594237
015Jason Jb Bolton18177298119333
016Tina R. Saltsman637055111169390
017Alyssa N. Hilt658998122302
022Kerry L. Saltsman Iii121708142191494
023Robert E. Worden51487395131360
029Angel D. Brewster516049118170435
031David Cc. Benslay Ii366488180237671
034James D. Saltsman637911125190452
039Hershell A. Bolton487156149183507
040New Sub 1  200  
041New Sub 2  200  
045Thomas D. Hubbard152389159221568

Congress Awards
Jarron L. Carter160 GAME (B) with 167 pins
Kathy E. Saltsman200 GAME (B) with 204 pins
Juwana L. Hubbard200 GAME (B) with 205 pins
Juwana L. Hubbard500 / 3 (B) with 532 pins