Nothin' Better To Do
2014-2015 SEASON

President: Cindy Westerfield
Secretary: Glenda Cummings
Week No. 30 of 30  4/26/2015         League Average: 154            

  Match Total Points Total      
  Points Points Round 3 Pinfall      
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 10ScratchHSGHSSTeam
1Balls Deep614892465961977922511
2All Balls No Glory2129111355636877520054
3Strike Force2127113585262171120505
4Balls to the Wall6125115535443071919823
6Turkey Hunters 76164164850764318446

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game775All Balls No Glory643Turkey Hunters  683Balls Deep679Balls to the Wall
W/HCP899Disturbed    822Balls to the Wall789Balls Deep
Series2251Balls Deep1982Balls to the Wall  2007Balls Deep1939Balls to the Wall
W/HCP2590Strike Force    2368Balls to the Wall2325Balls Deep
Game212Patti A. Klinglesmith207Susie Redman  215Brittany R. Robinson169Patty D. White
W/HCP265Jamie L. Koss239Theresa A. Newsom  243Brittany R. Robinson216Susie R. Newsom
Series620Brittany R. Robinson545Patty D. White512Glenda N. Cummings620Brittany R. Robinson442Patty D. White
W/HCP684Cindy L. Westerfield649Susie R. Newsom  704Brittany R. Robinson597Susie R. Newsom
Game259Jesse A. Westerfield243Terry Klinglesmith230Adam White208James E. Redman, Sr.205Jesse A. Westerfield
W/HCP281James E. Redman, Sr.260Dustin L. Sherwood260Anthony A. Redman241James E. Redman, Sr.226Jesse A. Westerfield
Series688James A. Stephenson618Ken Ww. White616Chris Ww. Wilson557Jesse A. Westerfield532Adam White
W/HCP737Aaron S. Newsom716Chad M. Vann690Dave A. Newsom, Sr.625Adam White620Jesse A. Westerfield

  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
1 Balls Deep
001Dustin L. Sherwood8712638145212569
002Jesse A. Westerfield8114102174259661
003Ken Ww. White8714633168233618
004Aaron S. Newsom8415091179256683
2 Disturbed
005Kelly L. Cummings8713466154224573
006Glenda N. Cummings8111752145185512
007Cindy L. Westerfield9013348148210558
026Sharon S. Hawkins567331130185478
035Mike L. Westerfield152358157193529
3 Balls to the Wall
008Patty D. White8712485143198545
010Brittany R. Robinson7412273165215620
011Patti A. Klinglesmith8412554149212538
032Terry Klinglesmith8413598161243577
4 All Balls No Glory
012Jamie L. Koss8710427119196476
013Adam White9014591162230602
014Chris Ww. Wilson8713817158231616
015James A. Stephenson8415712187266688
  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
5 Strike Force
017Anthony A. Redman7511610154220534
018Susie Redman9013539150207535
019Chad M. Vann769867129200529
034James E. Redman, Sr.9014302158246608
6 Turkey Hunters
020Susie R. Newsom759712129175478
021Theresa A. Newsom638452134178444
022Brandon C. Sherwood758171108161395
023Dave A. Newsom, Sr.8112360152205573
024Mitchell A. Combs243898162215556
025Jason A. Dibbern183145174237589
009Melissa A. Seabrook62884869171
016Joe M. Deckard151680112133368
027New Sub 1  200  
028New Sub 2  200  
029New Sub 3  200  
030New Sub 4  200  

Congress Awards
Brittany R. Robinson125 OVER (G) with 620 pins