President: Anna Lee
Secretary: Scott Seach
Week No. 8 of 8  8/3/2013         League Average: 85            

  Match Total Total          
  Points Points Pinfall         
 Team StandingsWonWonW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Hogan's Heroes2191185441582086616785
2BG 180 Holy Rollers 151297238975788917207
3ETA Lambda Cheese Heads 141226338170689217282
4Jack's Special Rollers1131122037671885316546
5Middleton Strikers3111295545386991117854
6Signal Construction Inc.2111280140279084116681
7B.G. Helping Hands 101105435667883716343
8Eagles #41673101033738874784016518
9Beech Grove Bowl #1 7915643485182516339
10Beech Grove Bowl #2 23151423721863160110

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game423Beech Grove Bowl #2402Signal Construction Inc.  453Middleton Strikers414Beech Grove Bowl #1
W/HCP892ETA Lambda Cheese Heads853Jack's Special Rollers  911Middleton Strikers840Eagles #4167
Series851Beech Grove Bowl #1820Hogan's Heroes678B.G. Helping Hands869Middleton Strikers822Beech Grove Bowl #1
W/HCP1785Middleton Strikers1720BG 180 Holy Rollers1651Eagles #41671785Middleton Strikers1651Eagles #4167
Game129Erica L. Redman126Bryanna J. Tearman107Makayla I. Jarvis127Klarissa K. Keown118Mary Settles
W/HCP256Callista Justice251Anastasia Baldock239Mary Settles246Klarissa K. Keown239Mary Settles
Series231Lindzie M. Lee218Kaila Rr. Williams209Megan M.R. Hayden220Klarissa K. Keown208Erica L. Redman
W/HCP516Klarissa K. Keown456Hailie E.N. Hayden453Beth Sloan458Klarissa K. Keown449Mary Settles
Game140Mike E. Bancroft135Andrew S. Parkhurst107Camden R. Justice149Randy N. Middleton121Mike E. Bancroft
W/HCP253Glynn Jarvis240Daniel Ll. Clark233Peyton R. Hornsby258Randy N. Middleton228Mike E. Bancroft
Series252Randy N. Middleton224Brandon A. Hayden211Chance M. Roberson252Randy N. Middleton221Mike E. Bancroft
W/HCP507Keegan A. Keown457Mikey W. Lee Iii444Noah D.L. Middleton470Randy N. Middleton435Mike E. Bancroft

  Individual Records Pts Gme PinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Signal Construction Inc.
001Gabby G. Justice151612297612498175225429
002Camden R. Justice1114115382118107197226435
007Devin M. Hall1414118584116103186220420
2 ETA Lambda Cheese Heads
003Callista Justice1215120180120130206256458
004Rachel L. Mc Kim674947013085156218422
016Anastasia Baldock1414100471129118189251455
037Kaila Rr. Williams7869286114112218231456
3 B.G. Helping Hands
008Haylee Onna R. Hornsby71084984116103175216401
009Peyton R. Hornsby131087587113111194233434
026Makayla I. Jarvis914115182118107195226433
027Glynn Jarvis81285371129122207253469
4 Middleton Strikers
006Klarissa K. Keown1416136185115127236265516
010Keegan A. Keown1916126378122108197270507
025Mike E. Bancroft61096796104140223229435
033Randy N. Middleton1114135096104149252258470
5 Hogan's Heroes
012Raymond M. Estanovich7107247212895169215427
013Mikey W. Lee Iii1516147392108124225240457
024Erica L. Redman1914127991109129220251464
6 Jack's Special Rollers
015Katelyn A. Estanovich9107367312792155223417
017Ariana M. Webb221698411699169215401
020Lindzie M. Lee1216147191109132231243453
038Daniel Ll. Clark8872390110118204240448
  Individual Records Pts GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
7 BG 180 Holy Rollers
005Noah D.L. Middleton914123588112118216232444
021Hailie E.N. Hayden1516129981119109214230456
022Brandon A. Hayden2016145590110128224242453
023Megan M.R. Hayden1416134383117108209229451
8 Eagles #4167
011Mary Settles1212100283117118207239449
034Bryanna J. Tearman1014133395105126216228420
035Chance M. Roberson1214131193107107211216429
036Anden Glawatz343308211895166212400
9 Beech Grove Bowl #1
018Beth Sloan6862978122104191235453
019April M. Dixson787038711399184212410
10 Beech Grove Bowl #2
039Jason C. Parkhurst3429172128105148231400
040Alexander Parkhurst442506213885136228422
041Andrew S. Parkhurst2435087113135209231401
014New Sub 11   200     
028A. Callagy-Pitzer2263311695063219401
029Seth M. Callagy-Pitzer2297481526397215401
030New Sub 12   200     
031New Sub 7   200     
032New Sub 8   200     
042Taylor Nn. Jones2218894106101188207400
043Riley N. Meade864527512585158213417
044Jalen R. Settles321557712378155201401

Star Bowler for Game
Klarissa K. Keown46 pins over average with 127 game
Randy N. Middleton58 pins over average with 149 game
Star Bowler for Series
Klarissa K. Keown58 pins over average with 220 series
Randy N. Middleton70 pins over average with 252 series

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1127Klarissa K. Keown220Klarissa K. Keown246Klarissa K. Keown458Klarissa K. Keown
2118Mary Settles208Erica L. Redman239Mary Settles449Mary Settles
3105Erica L. Redman207Mary Settles219Gabby G. Justice430Erica L. Redman
4101Bryanna J. Tearman202Bryanna J. Tearman216Erica L. Redman423Gabby G. Justice
599Lindzie M. Lee182April M. Dixson214Katelyn A. Estanovich414Bryanna J. Tearman
698April M. Dixson173Gabby G. Justice212April M. Dixson412Riley N. Meade
794Gabby G. Justice162Lindzie M. Lee212Riley N. Meade410Katelyn A. Estanovich
889Haylee Onna R. Hornsby159Haylee Onna R. Hornsby207Rachel L. Mc Kim410April M. Dixson
986Katelyn A. Estanovich158Riley N. Meade207Bryanna J. Tearman394Rachel L. Mc Kim
1085Riley N. Meade154Katelyn A. Estanovich206Lindzie M. Lee394Anastasia Baldock
1149Randy N. Middleton252Randy N. Middleton258Randy N. Middleton470Randy N. Middleton
2121Mike E. Bancroft221Mike E. Bancroft228Mike E. Bancroft435Mike E. Bancroft
3113Mikey W. Lee Iii199Brandon A. Hayden222Mikey W. Lee Iii424Peyton R. Hornsby
4108Brandon A. Hayden194Peyton R. Hornsby220Devin M. Hall422Keegan A. Keown
5103Devin M. Hall194Mikey W. Lee Iii219Brandon A. Hayden421Brandon A. Hayden
698Peyton R. Hornsby194Chance M. Roberson213Peyton R. Hornsby420Devin M. Hall
797Chance M. Roberson186Devin M. Hall213Keegan A. Keown412Mikey W. Lee Iii
890Keegan A. Keown176Keegan A. Keown204Chance M. Roberson408Chance M. Roberson
982Daniel Ll. Clark163Daniel Ll. Clark195Raymond M. Estanovich383Camden R. Justice
1078Noah D.L. Middleton150Noah D.L. Middleton194Camden R. Justice377Daniel Ll. Clark

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1127 - 81 = 46Klarissa K. Keown220 - 162 = 58Klarissa K. Keown
2118 - 79 = 39Mary Settles207 - 158 = 49Mary Settles
394 - 75 = 19Gabby G. Justice208 - 178 = 30Erica L. Redman
1149 - 91 = 58Randy N. Middleton252 - 182 = 70Randy N. Middleton
2121 - 93 = 28Mike E. Bancroft221 - 186 = 35Mike E. Bancroft
3113 - 91 = 22Mikey W. Lee Iii194 - 170 = 24Peyton R. Hornsby