President: Anna Lee
Secretary: Scott Seach
Week No. 8 of 8  7/26/2014         League Average: 90            

  Match Total Total          
  Points Points Pinfall         
 Team StandingsWonWonW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Huntington Bank640.51317641883187217241
2Tri Kappa Super Bowlers6341306540378687117222
3B.G. Promoters Club632.51289348696485916363
4Arby's - Southport Road127.512899500100085416597
5The Rosebud3251280350087983916725
6The Insulators 23.51293740174689417328
7Chalisa's Champs5221273649285089716606
8McGhee's High Rollers2191263943984684516584
9Beech Grove Bowl #1 6476140879081416029

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game500The Rosebud439McGhee's High Rollers  417Huntington Bank407B.G. Promoters Club
W/HCP897Chalisa's Champs871Tri Kappa Super Bowlers  871Tri Kappa Super Bowlers851Huntington Bank
Series1000Arby's - Southport Road964B.G. Promoters Club  831Huntington Bank810B.G. Promoters Club
W/HCP1732The Insulators1724Huntington Bank1602Beech Grove Bowl #11722Tri Kappa Super Bowlers1699Huntington Bank
Game121Lana L. Wymer111Ry Ann Bryan107Harleigh L. Sullivan131Isabelle Wiley121Lana L. Wymer
W/HCP237Hunter J. Sullivan237Tegan E. Sanders225Myra L. Spencer239Isabelle Wiley234Lana L. Wymer
Series244Isabelle Wiley217Klarissa K. Keown208Megan M.R. Hayden244Isabelle Wiley210Lana L. Wymer
W/HCP472Hailie E.N. Hayden464Mackenzie R. Hargett451Jazmyne A.M. Filskov460Isabelle Wiley451Jazmyne A.M. Filskov
Game135Keegan A. Keown126Carter E. Osman123Rylee M. Hargett141Cody E. Miller131Keegan A. Keown
W/HCP252Noah Seabrook236Robert M. Hargett228Austin T. Younce239Keegan A. Keown232Carter E. Osman
Series276Cody E. Miller230Chance M. Roberson220Xavier A. Seabrook276Cody E. Miller241Keegan A. Keown
W/HCP492Brandon D. Wiley458Brandon A. Hayden444Anthony Seabrook Ii457Keegan A. Keown448Cody E. Miller

  Individual Records Pts GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Huntington Bank
001Isabelle Wiley2216154096104131244242467
045Ry Ann Bryan6871589111111199213421
056Keegan A. Keown1416153295105135241246457
057Klarissa K. Keown1416147191109118217229435
2 Tri Kappa Super Bowlers
005Jazmyne A.M. Filskov1212100583117109209231451
006Harleigh L. Sullivan1412102685115107184223424
008Christian A. Filskov1214121686114104195222431
051Megan M.R. Hayden1716139287113106208230440
3 B.G. Promoters Club
010Hunter J. Sullivan1112123810397138233237425
012Erath M. Houk111298181119102186219420
043Myra L. Spencer1212105888112107198225440
044Cody E. Miller9896212080147276234448
4 McGhee's High Rollers
050Kaelyn R. Sanders7127896513593162214415
065Tegan E. Sanders81086286114117202237442
066Brandon A. Hayden11169315814296184233458
5 The Rosebud
049Hailie E.N. Hayden1215121981119113222238472
060Robert M. Hargett4540881119110186236438
064Mackaylee R. Hargett365078411698176210400
067David M. Seabrook4648981119104180214400
  Individual Records Pts GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
6 Chalisa's Champs
002Brandon D. Wiley1416156797103198272308492
007Carter E. Osman101097797103126225232444
020Chance M. Roberson412101884116128230213401
055April M. Dixson243268111998171213401
7 Arby's - Southport Road
037Seth M. Callagy-Pitzer584165214873120222418
052Austin T. Younce121090490110111204228430
053Landen T. Younce9107387312796156224418
062Rylee M. Hargett56605100100123203222401
8 The Insulators
038A. Callagy-Pitzer686548111998181217419
058Noah Seabrook91294678122123221252479
059Brooklyn Seabrook141295479121100184225434
063Mackenzie R. Hargett5648480120101198234464
9 Beech Grove Bowl #1
068Jaylen T. Seabrook2647979121116211211401
069Xavier A. Seabrook8658797103116220225443
070Anthony Seabrook Ii564908111998192224444
003Faith E. Wymer3650884116100178211400
004Lana L. Wymer7655993107121210234436
011New Sub 7         
016New Sub 8         
017New Sub 11         
018New Sub 12         
061Jaida Jackson1198981029898200200

Star Bowler for Game
Isabelle Wiley39 pins over average with 131 game
Keegan A. Keown39 pins over average with 131 game
Star Bowler for Series
Isabelle Wiley60 pins over average with 244 series
Keegan A. Keown57 pins over average with 241 series

Top 10   Scratch Game  Scratch Series Handicap Game Handicap Series
1131Isabelle Wiley244Isabelle Wiley239Isabelle Wiley460Isabelle Wiley
2121Lana L. Wymer210Lana L. Wymer234Lana L. Wymer451Jazmyne A.M. Filskov
3109Jazmyne A.M. Filskov209Jazmyne A.M. Filskov230Jazmyne A.M. Filskov440Megan M.R. Hayden
4107Harleigh L. Sullivan208Megan M.R. Hayden223Harleigh L. Sullivan436Lana L. Wymer
5106Megan M.R. Hayden185Myra L. Spencer222Megan M.R. Hayden414Harleigh L. Sullivan
698Myra L. Spencer182Harleigh L. Sullivan211Myra L. Spencer411Myra L. Spencer
794Tegan E. Sanders181Tegan E. Sanders209Tegan E. Sanders411Tegan E. Sanders
889Hunter J. Sullivan172Hunter J. Sullivan199Faith E. Wymer385April M. Dixson
987Klarissa K. Keown168Klarissa K. Keown198Angelina G. Callagy-Pitzer383Faith E. Wymer
1086Faith E. Wymer157Faith E. Wymer195Hailie E.N. Hayden382Angelina G. Callagy-Pitzer
1141Cody E. Miller276Cody E. Miller239Keegan A. Keown457Keegan A. Keown
2131Keegan A. Keown241Keegan A. Keown232Carter E. Osman448Cody E. Miller
3126Carter E. Osman225Carter E. Osman227Cody E. Miller437Carter E. Osman
4111Brandon D. Wiley187Christian A. Filskov213Brandon D. Wiley417Christian A. Filskov
594Christian A. Filskov182Brandon D. Wiley211Erath M. Houk417Erath M. Houk
694Chance M. Roberson177Erath M. Houk210Chance M. Roberson416Brandon A. Hayden
791Erath M. Houk169Chance M. Roberson210Brandon A. Hayden401Chance M. Roberson
867Brandon A. Hayden130Brandon A. Hayden209Christian A. Filskov386Brandon D. Wiley
950Seth M. Callagy-Pitzer91Seth M. Callagy-Pitzer196Seth M. Callagy-Pitzer383Seth M. Callagy-Pitzer

TOP 3 Weekly Game Over Average Weekly Series Over Average
 Game - Ave = DifferenceSeries - Ave = Difference
1131 - 92 = 39Isabelle Wiley244 - 184 = 60Isabelle Wiley
2121 - 87 = 34Lana L. Wymer209 - 158 = 51Jazmyne A.M. Filskov
3109 - 79 = 30Jazmyne A.M. Filskov208 - 168 = 40Megan M.R. Hayden
1131 - 92 = 39Keegan A. Keown241 - 184 = 57Keegan A. Keown
2126 - 94 = 32Carter E. Osman276 - 228 = 48Cody E. Miller
3141 - 114 = 27Cody E. Miller225 - 188 = 37Carter E. Osman