Whistle Stop Adult Youth League

President: Scott Seach
Secretary: Pat Baker
Week No. 9 of 9  7/28/2014         League Average: 106            

  Match Total Points Total          
  Points Points Round 1 Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 9W/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Team 163816381275651293988816911
2Team 263420341443145588585617042
3Team 4 2529251412147790984016354
4Team 5 2430241423146187585116655
5Team 662430241398440076482616126
6Team 3 1737171263642881783016153

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game512Team 1477Team 4461Team 5468Team 1443Team 2
W/HCP888Team 1856Team 2851Team 5826Team 1822Team 2
Series939Team 1909Team 4885Team 2918Team 1885Team 2
W/HCP1704Team 21691Team 11665Team 51643Team 21634Team 1
Game116Erica L. Settles113Shelbi S. Sanders112Ashlee M. Settles116Erica L. Settles112Ashlee M. Settles
W/HCP226Erica L. Settles225Ashlee M. Settles224Shelbi S. Sanders226Erica L. Settles225Ashlee M. Settles
Series217Shelbi S. Sanders216Ashlee M. Settles212Makayla I. Jarvis216Ashlee M. Settles194Shelbi S. Sanders
W/HCP445Shelbi S. Sanders442Ashlee M. Settles425Erica L. Settles442Ashlee M. Settles414Shelbi S. Sanders
Game129Ethan A. Mathes118Austin T. Younce115Davin A. Langhorst85Davin A. Langhorst82Kyle M. Sanders
W/HCP243Ethan A. Mathes242Landen M. Younce230Austin T. Younce200Kyle M. Sanders197Davin A. Langhorst
Series214Austin T. Younce203Ethan A. Mathes200Davin A. Langhorst166Davin A. Langhorst159Ethan A. Mathes
W/HCP454Landen M. Younce442Austin T. Younce440Glynn Jarvis390Davin A. Langhorst388Kyle M. Sanders
Game175Jennifer L. Self143Julie A. Mathes135Tracy Bryant157Jennifer L. Self116Julie A. Mathes
W/HCP266Jennifer L. Self241Dianna Irvin223Tracy Bryant237Jennifer L. Self199Maribel V. Jarvis
Series282Jennifer L. Self265Julie A. Mathes230Tracy Bryant282Jennifer L. Self222Julie A. Mathes
W/HCP460Dianna Irvin457Jennifer L. Self409Julie A. Mathes442Jennifer L. Self390Maribel V. Jarvis
Game207Robert J. Irvin206Jr Bryant191Doug W. Fitzwater207Robert J. Irvin141Mike L. Bartholomew
W/HCP286Jr Bryant252Robert J. Irvin231Mike L. Bartholomew252Robert J. Irvin216Michael E. Jarvis
Series373Robert J. Irvin372Doug W. Fitzwater341Jr Bryant373Robert J. Irvin276Mike L. Bartholomew
W/HCP501Jr Bryant470Robert J. Irvin442David C. Langhorst463Robert J. Irvin424Michael E. Jarvis

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Team 1
001Ashlee M. Settles16143489111112216225442
002Michael J. Settles1411508211893173211407
003Jennifer L. Self16183711477175282266457
004Mike L. Bartholomew16234314648184322231423
2 Team 2
005Nevaeh Irvin1612587812291173213411
006Erica L. Settles16144990110116194226425
007Dianna Irvin18154685103123212241460
008Robert J. Irvin18278215441207373252470
3 Team 3
009Austin T. Younce16150694106118214230442
010Landen M. Younce16111669131108186242454
011Janet R. Younce1610366412279150202396
012Doug W. Fitzwater16254815936191372218426
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
4 Team 4
013Ethan A. Mathes18157887113129203243431
014Davin A. Langhorst18158588112115200229422
015Julie A. Mathes18219912270143265212409
016David C. Langhorst16194912171149288228442
5 Team 5
017Shelbi S. Sanders18163490110113217224445
018Kyle M. Sanders18147882118101187226437
019Tracy Bryant18187810486135230223402
020Jr Bryant14178112765206341286501
6 Team 6
021Makayla I. Jarvis12104587113112212212412
022Glynn Jarvis1610326413688158229440
023Maribel V. Jarvis109999990133216227415
024Michael E. Jarvis18204611378143264223424

Star Bowler for Game
Erica L. Settles26 pins over average with 116 game
Jennifer L. Self46 pins over average with 157 game
Robert J. Irvin57 pins over average with 207 game
Star Bowler for Series
Ashlee M. Settles42 pins over average with 216 series
Jennifer L. Self60 pins over average with 282 series
Robert J. Irvin73 pins over average with 373 series