Whistle Stop Adult Youth League

President: Scott Seach
Secretary: Brian Henderson
Week No. 12 of 12  1/18/2015         League Average: 121            

  Match Total Points Total          
  Points Points Round 1 Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 12W/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Team 124230421919246591083616521
2Team 3436363618950564108988317033
3Team 223438341903547792385716832
4Team 4432403218893618115987616754

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game618Team 4564Team 3477Team 2618Team 4515Team 3
W/HCP883Team 3876Team 4857Team 2876Team 4836Team 1
Series1159Team 41089Team 3923Team 21159Team 41013Team 3
W/HCP1703Team 31683Team 21675Team 41675Team 41652Team 1
Game124Erica L. Redman106Makayla I. Jarvis  106Makayla I. Jarvis105Erica L. Redman
W/HCP235Erica L. Redman226Makayla I. Jarvis  226Makayla I. Jarvis213Erica L. Redman
Series209Erica L. Redman193Makayla I. Jarvis  206Erica L. Redman193Makayla I. Jarvis
W/HCP433Makayla I. Jarvis427Erica L. Redman  433Makayla I. Jarvis422Erica L. Redman
Game115Ethan A. Mathes101Davin A. Langhorst  109Ethan A. Mathes96Davin A. Langhorst
W/HCP226Davin A. Langhorst221Ethan A. Mathes  219Davin A. Langhorst214Ethan A. Mathes
Series212Ethan A. Mathes186Davin A. Langhorst  195Ethan A. Mathes176Davin A. Langhorst
W/HCP436Davin A. Langhorst424Ethan A. Mathes  422Davin A. Langhorst405Ethan A. Mathes
Game205Courtney R. Ferguson180Julie A. Mathes178Diana L. Redman205Courtney R. Ferguson155Diana L. Redman
W/HCP262Courtney R. Ferguson250Julie A. Mathes234Maribel V. Jarvis261Courtney R. Ferguson228Hope R. Ferguson
Series358Courtney R. Ferguson315Julie A. Mathes293Diana L. Redman348Courtney R. Ferguson290Diana L. Redman
W/HCP478Courtney R. Ferguson455Julie A. Mathes441Hope R. Ferguson460Courtney R. Ferguson440Hope R. Ferguson
Game199Anthony A. Redman191Chris Aa. Ferguson176Michael E. Jarvis181Anthony A. Redman172Chris Aa. Ferguson
W/HCP251Michael E. Jarvis250Anthony A. Redman243Kyle B. Doepker228Anthony A. Redman225David C. Langhorst
Series361Chris Aa. Ferguson341Anthony A. Redman311Michael E. Jarvis338Chris Aa. Ferguson325Anthony A. Redman
W/HCP461Michael E. Jarvis455Kyle B. Doepker453Chris Aa. Ferguson429David C. Langhorst419Anthony A. Redman

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Team 1
013Davin A. Langhorst24188578122101186226436
014Ethan A. Mathes24229995105115212221424
015Julie A. Mathes24307412864180315250455
016David C. Langhorst22254211576147273229429
2 Team 2
021Makayla I. Jarvis24196481119106193226433
023Maribel V. Jarvis22222110090144245234425
024Kyle B. Doepker2422989594128252243455
029Michael E. Jarvis24286411972176311251461
3 Team 3
025Erica L. Redman22205093107124209235427
026Diana L. Redman24336714054178293233409
027James E. Redman, Jr.22231710585151286243452
028Anthony A. Redman24356214846199341250443
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
4 Team 4
030Hope R. Ferguson24249710486139262228441
031Penny M. Temple24281511774146263230435
032Courtney R. Ferguson24337214054205358262478
033Chris Aa. Ferguson24376715639191361231453
001New Sub 7  200     
002New Sub 8  200     
003New Sub 9  200     
004New Sub 10  200     

Star Bowler for Game
Makayla I. Jarvis26 pins over average with 106 game
Davin A. Langhorst19 pins over average with 96 game
Courtney R. Ferguson68 pins over average with 205 game
David C. Langhorst34 pins over average with 147 game
Anthony A. Redman34 pins over average with 181 game
Star Bowler for Series
Makayla I. Jarvis33 pins over average with 193 series
Davin A. Langhorst22 pins over average with 176 series
Courtney R. Ferguson74 pins over average with 348 series
David C. Langhorst47 pins over average with 273 series