Wednesday Night Ladies
2014-2015 SEASON

President: Barbara McDonald
Secretary: Pat Riggin
Week No. 30 of 30  4/15/2015         League Average: 135            

  Match Total Points Total Total          
  Points Points Round 3 Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 10ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1Team 1713575563242953108452123866418971
2 B.A.D. 132.577.5343769753231509139768019107
3Friend and Family512090403658952291515140168519264
4Spice Girls211298403615452057478134965318742
5Three's Company2107103373627651546489137365918833
6Friends and Family 25105.5104.5313376950626514130270718915
7The Witches with a B5104106323521851763461127364718316

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game514Friends and Family 2478Spice Girls  462Friend and Family452Team 1
W/HCP664Team 1    664Team 1630Friend and Family
Series1401Friend and Family1373Three's Company  1275B.A.D.1264Friend and Family
W/HCP1910B.A.D.1831The Witches with a B  1874Team 11768Friend and Family
Game206Brenda K. Desotell202Lisa M. O'Connor192Anne T. Mc Callister195Barbara F. Mc Donald189Brenda K. Desotell
W/HCP258Becky Wycoff258Cathy L. Baker252Tina Fowler255Denise L. Allen247Kelley S. Yagle
Series559Pat Baker541Kelly A. Ritter510Barbara F. Mc Donald469Barbara F. Mc Donald469Anne T. Mc Callister
W/HCP715Ginger K. Liegibel696Sandy A. Newhouse675Denise L. Allen642Denise L. Allen637Sandy A. Newhouse

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 Team 1
015Cathy L. Baker901241713756201508258679
019Denise L. Allen72773210783171406255675
027Sandy A. Newhouse75901812072169462249696
2 Spice Girls
001Kathy M. Perryman81970611972161431233653
002Ginger K. Liegibel781101914153205550260715
003Geri L. Fey721045014549186491234635
3 Three's Company
009Lisa M. O'Connor841224114549202511236658
012Melinda J. Thompson57685312072164415237634
025Pat Baker691014114648202559251706
4 Friend and Family
005Pat L. Riggin57731612864179481243682
006Becky Wycoff841184914153204526258688
013Barbara F. Mc Donald841205714351195510248672
5 Friends and Family 2
021Ashley K. Caruthers87977211279170406251646
022Marie C. Caruthers841118013360181476245674
023Kelly A. Ritter811165014351186541237694
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
6 The Witches with a B
010Kelley S. Yagle69886112864182429247626
014Tina Fowler721003113954187469252657
017Annette M. Means901172413063167466225655
7 B.A.D.
004Diane C. Gardner871115612864171444240663
016Anne T. Mc Callister871303114945192492237641
018Brenda K. Desotell781132314549206514260676
007New Sub 10  200     
008New Sub 9  200     
011Stephanie L. Lallathin9114712765164402233609
020Kayla N. Thompson688114648178481214589
026New Sub 8  200     
029Jamie L. Koss12132911081141376230623

Star Bowler for Game
Denise L. Allen65 pins over average with 171 game
Star Bowler for Series
Denise L. Allen72 pins over average with 390 series

Congress Awards
Kelley S. Yagle180 GAME (B) with 182 pins
Denise L. Allen160 GAME (B) with 171 pins