Wednesday Night Ladies
2015-2016 SEASON

President: Barbara McDonald
Secretary: Pat Riggin
Week No. 30 of 30  4/6/2016         League Average: 141            

  Match Total Points Total Total          
  Points Points Round 3 Pinfall Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonWonLostWeek 10ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1The Witches with a B512486393720953028567138373819056
2Friends and Family 2211496523559052480469134466419025
4Three's Company2106104293909852319520147466819183
5Spice Girls294116413614052487544133271918832
6Friend and Family579131233708552250505133667218274

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game567The Witches with a B505Friend and Family  515B.A.D.487The Witches with a B
W/HCP719Spice Girls    682B.A.D.655The Witches with a B
Series1474Three's Company1344Friends and Family 2  1409B.A.D.1291Friend and Family
W/HCP1911B.A.D.    1910B.A.D.1795Friend and Family
Game232Kelley S. Yagle207Lisa M. O'Connor195Geri L. Fey232Kelley S. Yagle205Becky Wycoff
W/HCP271Annette M. Means257Kathy M. Perryman243Barbara F. Mc Donald287Kelley S. Yagle259Becky Wycoff
Series572Ginger K. Liegibel552Pat Baker507Anne T. Mc Callister531Becky Wycoff509Kelley S. Yagle
W/HCP699Brenda K. Desotell695Becky Wycoff655Pat L. Riggin693Becky Wycoff674Kelley S. Yagle

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
2 Spice Girls
001Kathy M. Perryman81980012072180454257670
002Ginger K. Liegibel841237314747217572268725
003Geri L. Fey66918813954195476253650
3 Three's Company
009Lisa M. O'Connor841229514648207522259678
015Marti A. Foster63851813558176476234641
024Pat Baker891393415639205552245673
4 Friend and Family
005Pat L. Riggin841085412963184451256655
006Becky Wycoff851201214153205531259695
013Barbara F. Mc Donald811159614351193499243646
5 Friends and Family 2
021Ashley K. Caruthers901076311972161430241652
022Marie C. Caruthers871125112963165437232641
023Kelly A. Ritter871282314747189507232651
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
6 The Witches with a B
010Kelley S. Yagle841169813954232527287710
014Tina Fowler811121113855186475241655
017Annette M. Means841136913558212485271678
7 B.A.D.
004Diane C. Gardner841076612864168422240624
016Anne T. Mc Callister901311614549202507252657
018Brenda K. Desotell901289614351192519246699
007New Sub 10  200     
008New Sub 9  200     
011Stephanie L. Lallathin        
012Pennie L. Ritter10158615837202512250656
020Kayla N. Thompson        
025New Sub 8  200     
027Jamie L. Koss        

Star Bowler for Game
Kelley S. Yagle94 pins over average with 232 game
Star Bowler for Series
Becky Wycoff111 pins over average with 531 series

Congress Awards
Kelley S. Yagle200 GAME (B) with 232 pins
Kelley S. Yagle75 OVER (B) with 232 pins
Becky Wycoff180 GAME (B) with 205 pins
Anne T. Mc Callister200 GAME (B) with 202 pins